The following is a list of Breeding Prospects offered for sale. If interested, please fill out the application. Due to the large volumes of email received, we will not respond unless we have an application FIRST.

Country Epic Milestone

Standard American F1B Labradoodle Male

Country Epic Milestone ‘Milo” is the resutl of many years of experience breeding top quality dogs. He is outstading in so many ways with temperament being top on the list followed by his correct structure, bone and excllent conformation. He will be an asset to any serious breeder that wants to have genetic diversity with true standard size Labradoodles. He is the total package of soundness, structure and temperament. We are thrilled with his promise to stamp the breed with excellence.  We are looking forward to his offspring. Offered for $7000


Standard Australian/American Labradoodle Male

Rocky is EPIC perfection, he has all the attributes that we strive for in our breeding program for a quality dog. He is structurally well balanced and solidly built with deep/broad chest, nice bone and substance. His temperament is equally pleasing, with happy outgoing intuitive nature so well known for our breed. He will be an asset to any breeder wanting to have geneitc diversity for the future well being of the breed.  We look forward to what he will contribute to the future of the breed. Offered for $8000.00 Fully health tested.


we have several young health tested females offered for sale

Chcolate & white parti Medium Size
wavy fleece coat Fully tested. 

Solid chocolate medium fleece coat Pending testing