My interest in the Australian Labradoodle began while I was searching for a personal canine companion and a breed of dog that I could train for service and therapy work. The kind of dog that would be easy to train, adaptable, easy going and basically a dog that just gets it. The perfect dog, the perfect companion for families or for special needs individuals. The kind of dog that just loves to be with people, no questions asked.

Labradoodles are available in a range of sizes that will fit in with any household circumstances. The more that I read and researched about the breed the more excited I became. I was drawn to the commitment that the breeders of this developing breed placed with high priority and importance for soundness, temperament and health testing to produce healthy dogs.

I quickly realized that I wanted to use my lifetime experiences of raising and showing animals, including dogs to be a part of the development and preserving of the Labradoodle breed.

My primary focus has been to raise and breed dogs for service and therapy work, this type of dog also makes the perfect dog well suited for most families they are superior companions and loyal family members.

I made my checklist for what was important beginning with overall good health from tested ancestors, good temperament, good structure & balance, top quality dogs. Of course these dogs want to be with me and enjoy going everywhere with me. My first dogs were purchased from Esateys and Rafael Stuchiner of aAprina Labradoodles. The passion for the breed began, I was so amazed by their brilliance and ease of trainability, how fast they learn and how much they want to please. They are truly every bit as awesome as any and everything you will ever read about them and more.

My greatest joy comes from the stories the families of my puppies share,

having been a part of that little miracle in the lives of so many.

My dogs are a very big part of my life and I experience great joy and pleasure from spending time with them at home and taking them on outings, I love to teach them new things and marvel at how eager they are to learn. With country living and 14 acres the dogs have plenty of room to run, exercise, and play.

Please read about “How We Select Our Breeding Dogs” here

We are located in Central California, in the beautiful wine country of San Miguel.

Liz Ferris

Country Labradoodles

Member of Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA)