Country Labradoodles

Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles

Country Labradoodles is located in California.

After 18 years of raising Labradoodles Our focus is the same:
Good Health/genetic diversity

Producing top quality dogs with good genetic diversity including breeding stock, Service dogs, therapy dogs and companion Labradoodles. Our dogs are a combination of the early foundation Australian Labradoodles imported from Australia and infusions of American Labradoodles.

We pair only the best specimens of the breed with a clear understanding of the strengths and faults of each dog for the betterment of the breed. The results are consistent quality dogs with great temperaments that the breed is so well known for, and good long term health for each puppy.

We offer All Size ranges:
Miniatures Labradoodles 25-30 pound range
Medium Labradoodles 31-50 pound range
Standard Labradoodles 50-80 pound range

All of our Labradoodle puppies are started with our trainer  for basic obedience commands/cueing, socialization and started on house manners.

We specialize in helping families select the perfect companion for their individual lifestyle as well as helping individuals find and select service and therapy dog prospects. It is our purpose with every litter that we will have excellent prospective Service  and therapy type dogs.

Please take your time, read and learn more about the Development of the Australian Labradoodle Breed.

We welcome any questions.

Most all of our Australian Labradoodles originate from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park breeding stock . Authentic Australian Labradoodles. We also have new American lines.

Puppies planned for 2019 include
Miniature Australian Labradoodles,
Medium Australian Labradoodles,
Standard Australian Labradoodles.