Country Labradoodles

Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles

Our focus is on producing top quality breeding stock, Service dogs, therapy dogs and companion Australian Labradoodles. Breeding only the best specimens of the breed for the betterment of the breed. With a strong focus on health, soundness, structure, genetics and awesome temperament. We offer Miniatures, Mediums and Standard sizes. All of our Labradoodle puppies receive early socialization, house training and basic obedience training.

Please take your time, read and learn more about the Australian Labradoodle on this site. We welcome any questions. Service dogs, please contact us for information on our selection and training program for prospective service dogs. Most of our Australian Labradoodles originate from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park breeding stock . Authentic Australian Labradoodles. We also have new American lines.

Puppies planned for 2017/2018 include sizes Miniature, Medium,  and Standard Australian Labradoodles.

Australian Labradoodle Club of America